Enhancements - November 2018

Guru modules are continuously improved to ensure that interfaces remain user friendly, issues are resolved and numerous new enhancements are constantly introduced. The following is a short list of a number of the updates and changes made to Guru Exam and Guru Extern over October/November 2018.


  • Added a new ‘My Documents’ feature which allows self-service document and password recovery for academics. This is found on the left menu navigation bar.
  • External examiners whose accounts have been disabled, are no longer shown on the module assignment tool. Added a new option on the export facility to choose whether or not to show “expired” (but enabled) external examiners in the report.
  • A ‘Delete Paper’ option has been added to the main exam paper administration page. This is reversible from the same menu and all audit trails and history are preserved.
  • Improved the external examiner interface to more efficiently and effectively describe the actions required by external examiners.
  • Added unit selection as an option for editing a final report (as an appropriate administrator). This allows the re-assignment of a report to another unit, typically where the target unit of the report does not match the assigned unit of the external examiner.
  • Final report listing for appropriate users now show when redactions have been made in reports. This can quickly highlight potential issues for quality review.
  • Removed “retired” external examiners from the examination system filters.
  • Extended password recovery to work for all previous years as well as the current year.
  • Added optional honorific (e.g. Prof.) to all users to facilitate titles for internal academics.
  • Changed listing of external examiners to be alphabetical on the main examination administration page.
  • Added additional MIME types for uploading to allow some additional encrypted MIME types.
  • Implemented a new year ROLLOVER button to quickly and easily facilitate all rollover functionality in future years. Any additional operational requirements can be automatically triggered from the button.
  • Numerous enhancements to continuous assessment uploading including deep linking to commentary, addition of a CA count on the external examiner TODO boxes, adding email alerts to ‘Watching’ users when CA is uploaded and updates in the documentation and FAQ around CA.
  • Added SUPERUSERS to the list of roles that can edit users from all executive units (Previously could only edit in their own executive unit).
  • Added the Collaboration System documentation to the user manual.
  • Applied CAPTCHA verification on the login problems form (to avoid spam from email bots).


  • Fixed an issue where occasionally the updating of an external examiner did not apply correctly, resulting in an invalid page.
  • Fixed a number of layout issues on the external examiner home page. These started appearing after three years of final reports were submitted by external examiners.
  • Left navigation bar improvements where user had a large assignment of modules.
  • Improved efficiency of the module assignment tool and prevented blank wildcards loading every module which resulted in some performance issues.
  • Fixed an issue where collaboration creation failed if no co-authors were chosen.
  • Fixed an issue with returning a nomination if the number of publications was zero.
  • Fixed an issue where a question mark was appearing in some examination paper footers.
  • Fixed various issues with PDF generation of nomination forms (depending on the submitted content in certain fields).

David Molloy

David is the Head of the Guru Development Unit at Dublin City University. He spends his days doing a little bit of everything.

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