More Fixes and Features (Jan/Feb 2018)

Every couple of months we compile a list of the smaller features and bugs addressed in Guru. Please keep your feedback coming so that we can find and fix any bugs and work on prioritising these new features.

New Features (Jan/Feb 2018)

  1. New functionality to allow automatic expiry of external examiner accounts over time.
  2. Improved the ‘Papers Submitted’ filter to better reflect the documents that people wish to view on the examination interface.
  3. Superusers are now able to modify external examiner additional documents.
  4. Failure range facility added to Module Difficulty Graph (DCU).
  5. Target users now configurable for ‘Missing Module’ reports. Some institutions require these reports to go to different users or role categories. This is now fully configurable.
  6. Improved the external examiner primary list to make the account setup icons more clear and better defined. Account process changed slightly to make more user friendly.
  7. Added a reference number field to external examiner nomination forms.
  8. Added a configuration parameter to allow locking down on the functionality for wider users to enable/retire external examiners. If enabled, only the primary external examiner manager will be able to enable and disable external examiner accounts manually.
  9. Added a ‘What’s New?’ link inside Guru (links directly to this blog!).

Bug Fixes/System Updates (Jan/Feb 2018)

  1. Fixed an issue where complete module lists were not loading during programme assignment to external examiners. Previously, only one instance of the programme curriculum was checked for modules. All instances are now being checked to give a more comprehensive list.
  2. Fixed programme chair allocation in some rare scenarios.
  3. Fixed an issue where the primary external examiner manager was unable to view all of the units correctly.
  4. A number of fixes to improve the external examiner nomination system.
  5. Fixed an issue which sometimes meant units were not saving (where the parent unit had an ‘&’ symbol in the name).
  6. Fixed the count of reports for external examiners. It was sometimes showing up incorrectly and with poor layout.
  7. Fixed an issue with nominations which were not printing as PDF correctly (again due to ‘&’ symbols).
  8. Fixed an issue on final reports where long programme names were overlapping each other in the PDF rendered documents.

Keep the issues coming and thanks for all your help!


David Molloy

David is the Head of the Guru Development Unit at Dublin City University. He spends his days doing a little bit of everything.

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