Latest Fixes and Features (May 2018)

This post is simply to provide an update on a number of the features and fixes we have recently added into Guru. As always, thanks for all the suggestions and reports that help us to improve our products.

New Features (May 2018)

  1. We have added in a new audit feature for all users that allows them to see any emails which have been sent to them by the Guru service. (More Details)
  2. We have implemented the facility for also accepting password protected PDF documents. These documents will upload successfully as long as the template password is preserved on the PDF document (e.g. Academic downloads Word template with password -> Academic saves as PDF with Password -> Academic uploads PDF document)
  3. We have changed the way that examination/solution packs have been implemented for external examiners. Previously, this was a ‘click and wait’ function and this could cause server issues due to potentially large files being generated. The new approach will background generate the archive and use the notifications system to inform the external examiner when the bundle is ready.
  4. The examination paper archive facility has been improved to include facilities for exporting solutions documents and for also allowing the exporting of papers at the ‘Ready for Printing’ status (in addition to the ‘Printed & Finalised’ status). This should make it easier to generate archives and to prepare archive bundles for the purpose of external quality assessment and accreditation.
  5. GDPR Statements have been added into all Guru deployments. (More Details)
  6. ‘Check All’ feature has been added to module and programme selections for external examiner reports.
  7. ‘My Modules’ has been changed to be an alphabetical listing.
  8. ‘Document Recovery’ access has been changed to include school office administrative staff (Recovered documents still contain source encryption passwords).
  9. Added two new roles for the nomination process - one for providing access to view nominations at a faculty (school) level and one for providing access to view nominations at an institutional level.

Bug Fixes/System Updates (May 2018)

  1. Fixed issue where top bar layout was not correctly aligned if notifications were disabled.
  2. All AWS Lambda functions upgraded to the latest version.
  3. Solved issue where server problems could occur during the generation of large external examiner ZIP downloads.
  4. Improved the formatting of publication month and year in the nomination system
  5. Improved the UI to make the ‘New Review’ button more visible to external examiners depending on the size of the review content.
  6. Removed a final report tab which was appearing in one location, even if the final report functionality was turned off.

DCU Specific

  1. Solved issue on student mailer where ‘Carbon Copy’ option was not working as intended
  2. Added the exporting of block codes on faculty and school views of module statistics

As always, keep the issues and suggestions coming and thanks for all your help with designing our products.


David Molloy

David is the Head of the Guru Development Unit at Dublin City University. He spends his days doing a little bit of everything.

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