Module Assignment Tool

Introducing the new Module Assignment Tool!

While the existing facilities for assigning modules and programmes to external examiners is still in place, there are times where it can be useful to have a more “top-down” view. This view allows the user to show any modules from a particular department combined with external examiners from that department.

This allows departments to easily spot modules which have not yet been assigned to external examiners.

So what does it show?

  1. The purple boxes represent modules that have not yet been assigned to an active external examiner (who is in term)
  2. The blue boxes represent modules that have at least one assignment to an external examiner (the number shows how many assigned external examiners)
  3. The orange boxes represent the external examiners who have been selected (the number represents how many modules they have assigned)

Module Assigment Tool Screenshot

What can you do with it?

  1. Drag a module box to an external examiner to assign it to that external examiner
  2. Drag an external examiner to a module box to similarly make the same assignment
  3. Click on any of the boxes for more information and for tools to remove any of the assignments

Who can use this tool?

This tool is typically available to any users who already have the facility to edit external examiner information. To access the resource, you must be two-factor authenticated for security reasons (assigning module codes provides enhanced access to external examiners).
It can be found from the home page in the External Examiners box under sub-menu ‘Module Assignment Tool Report’. Alternatively, you can find it in a tab at the top of the external examiner listing (Assign Modules).

Where to find it


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