Recent Bug Fixes and New Features (Nov/Dec 2017)

This is a compiled post of a number of both smaller new features and bug fixes that we’ve recently added in to the code. Please keep feedback coming so that we can find and fix any bugs and work on prioritising these new features.

New Features (Nov/Dec)

  1. New validation facilities on the entry of phone numbers that should limit the number of invalid numbers entered for external examiners and local users.
  2. Increased audit trails have been added to the modification of external examiners and users. Superusers can now view all activities relating to the assignment or removal of access roles, programmes and modules.
  3. New facility added to allow superusers to change the year of a final external examiner report. Occasionally, external examiners choose the wrong year when submitting reports and this provides an easy facility to tidy up the report years.
  4. Phone number now requested on the ‘Account Request’ pages for easier account setup (Optional)
  5. If a final report is submitted and no head of department or triage user exists for that department, then an email will be send to the user managers highlighting this.
  6. Analysis now performed on phone numbers to determine whether it is a landline or mobile number. If it is determined as a land-line, then the ‘Text Me’ option for two factor authentication will be hidden.
  7. Added the institution name and authors email address to the bug report emails
  8. New facility to allow Superusers to delete external examiner reports (for example, in the case of a double-submit)
  9. External Examiner Report views combined into one view and simplified from a user perspective (with the same functionality)
  10. Admin Users who have selected to ‘Watch’a module will now receive an email when an external examiner performs a review
  11. Users who send account details to external examiners will now receive a BCC of the resulting email that the external examiner receives

Bug Fixes/System Updates (Nov/Dec)

  1. Resolved an issue where an examination paper could be “pulled away” from the exams office, if the local academic later self-confirmed their paper.
  2. Resolved an issue where the external Examiner filter on the examination page was not filtering correctly in some scenarios
  3. Resolved some issues where the logos on the Guru header would overlap or cause tab alignment issues
  4. Renamed the ‘Reports’ box on the Home Page to avoid confusion with ‘External Examiner Reports’ - Renamed to ‘Analytics’.
  5. Fixed issues where some external examiners were appearing in lists despite being out of term (although not retired)
  6. Updated the new SSL certificates for two further years
  7. Tutee Assignment System updated with speed improvements and a few bug fixes
  8. Fixed some issues with external examiner view of previous academic year reviews
  9. Resolved an issue where some upload boxes were appearing incorrectly on hover in IE browsers
  10. Fixed notifications not appearing on the examination page immediately after they were added or removed
  11. Added MIME-type CDFV2-encrypted to the list of allowable files (A tiny number of users were uploading Word documents with this MIME type)
  12. Fixed an issue causing exam views to export incorrectly when certain filters were chosen
  13. Resolved an issue where the module descriptor tab would be shown even if it was turned off as a feature

Keep the issues coming and thanks for all your help!


David Molloy

David is the Head of the Guru Development Unit at Dublin City University. He spends his days doing a little bit of everything.

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