Paper Requirements Facility

We have now added a facility to allow the self-management of Paper Requirements. These requirements are typically provided by invigilators during examinations based on the instructions provided by the lecturer on their examination paper front cover.

As you will hopefully be aware, these requirements are already handled by the Guru Template generator, which automatically generates exam paper templates based on selections by the academic.

Examination Paper Template Options

After the academic selects their options, then a document will be generated, which will include the requirements on the front page of the document. For example:

Requirements on Exam Paper

We know all this! What has changed!?

  1. Superusers and Examination Office staff for institutions now have the capability to edit their paper requirements
  2. Paper requirements can be added for templates across any number of cover paper languages
  3. Any changes will take effect immediately as soon as they are applied

To access this facility, click on the ‘Paper Requirements’ button, which can be found in the Administration Menu (SUPERUSERS/Exam Office only).

From here, you will be able to list, create, edit and delete existing paper requirements. If you are adding a requirement across multiple different language cover sheets, then simply add the text separately to each one (in the appropriate language!)

Creating New Paper Requirements

As always, let us know what you think!


David Molloy

David is the Head of the Guru Development Unit at Dublin City University. He spends his days doing a little bit of everything.

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