Document Recovery Service

Sometimes problems happen around documents and files - laptops get stolen, USB keys get lost, files get mistakenly deleted and so on.

There can be scenarios where a document had previously been uploaded into Guru in Word/PDF format and the author might need to get a copy of the original source (typically Word) format. Perhaps they lost their laptop in the time between uploading and comments being returned by the external examiner.

Thankfully we have a new solution!

Exam Office and Superuser staff now have a new facility for exam document retrieval. This can be found on their administration page by selecting the option ‘Document Recovery’.

A few pointers of this facility:

  1. The recovered document is in the original password protected format (chosen by the uploading academic)
  2. The password format means that appropriate users with restrictions on exam paper viewing will be able to download the documents for other users without compromising their own protections
  3. If the academic does not remember their password, they can use the existing password recovery feature on their module page (Examination tab)
  4. Superusers and Exam Office staff have access to this facility
  5. Solutions may also be downloaded in the same way, by selecting ‘Solutions’ under ‘Document Type’
  6. When searching, complete all fields, including the upload author (in some setups of Guru, multiple papers can be uploaded by different lecturers)

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David Molloy

David is the Head of the Guru Development Unit at Dublin City University. He spends his days doing a little bit of everything.

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