Crisis Response Assessments (April 2020)

COVID-19 has caused considerable challenges for third-level institutions. Traditional assessments, where students sit physical examinations, are temporarily not possible. This means that institutions need to gather and quality review alternative mechanisms for assessment.

As a response to this challenge, the Guru team added functionality to Guru to provide for Crisis Response Assessments (CRAs). This new functionality works in a similar manner to the gathering of standard continuous assessment.

Internal reviewers can be provided with access to view the descriptors for the CRAs. External examiners can view the descriptors through their standard review interfaces.

Crisis Response Assessment Functionality

Hopefully this functionality is only required for the current semester and we will never have to call on this for usage again. However, it is now available for any institution using Guru Exam services.


David Molloy

David is the Head of the Guru Development Unit at Dublin City University. He spends his days doing a little bit of everything.

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