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The Guru Examination suite provides a comprehensive solution for all elements of the examination paper process in third-level institutions. The suite consists of a number of integrated services covering the following:

External Examiner Management

Nomination, approval, communication, payment and account management - a "one-stop-shop" for all external examiner activities

Examination Paper Generation

Automated, pre-populated examination templates to allow academics to focus entirely on the generation of question content

Secure Document Flow Control

Examination paper processing and flow control between academics, academic administration offices, external examiners and examination offices

Final External Examiner Reporting

Management system for the submission, triage and feedback relating to final external examiner reports

Accessible Digital Archives

Archives of high-quality examination papers, suitable for students with disabilities

Statistical Analysis

Generation of reports on late papers, external reviews and institutional assessment via external examiner reports

Exam Papers

Institutions dealing with examinations regularly encounter problems associated with the processing of physical examination papers. Whether in paper format or digital, there are numerous difficulties associated with both internal processing and external distribution to external reviewers. Guru takes the pain out of this process, with a custom-built solution for the processing of examination papers for third-level institutions.

This results in direct costs savings, very significant savings in administration time and improved quality examination papers for institutions.

Printing/Courier Costs

85% Savings

Lecturer Exam Administration Time (excl. paper creation)

90% Time Saving

Administrator Processing Time

80% Time Saving

Paper Archive Generation



The Guru Examination System is a Software as a Service (SaaS) web application which provides a secure facility for all aspects of exam paper processing and external examination. The core principal of Guru is to provide a user-friendly interface for all users, resulting in minimal training while still providing for the complexities of examination paper processes.

Sample screenshots from the Guru system can be seen below. Click on the options over the images for further information on any of the topics:

Exam Paper Templates

Pre-populated, high-quality templates

User-friendly Uploading

Secure, encrypted exam paper upload

Paper Flow Control

Secure Processing of Exam Papers

Full Audit Trails

Paper Watermarking and Access Management

External Examiner Interface

"One-Stop-Shop" for External Examiners

External Examiner Reports

High-quality Reports and Archives

Quality Assessment

Local and Institutional level

Data Analysis

Analysis on Paper and Review Processes


"I would like to highlight the excellent GURU system for the external and internal moderation processes. Once I became familiar with the system I found it extremely easy to use, providing transparency to the processes and cuts down on the need to extra workload and waste with paper copies of assessments. I would be interested in adopting this system in my own institution should it become available."

External Examiner
University of Ulster

"Guru is an excellent system that streamlines the examination system process and makes my job as an academic easier to do, and easier to do well."

Local Academic
Dublin City University

"The GURU system is excellent, I wish we had something similar in my own institution."

External Examiner
University College Cork

"What can I say about this external examiner reporting system? Wow! It's incredibly useful in allowing an overview - something that wasn't practical at all in the old system" Congrats to all on a fabulous piece of work."

Assistant Registrar
Dublin City University

"Just wanted to let you know how very user-friendly GURU is! It just shows that when programmes are devised by those that actually use them it makes all the difference - I think I probably spent five minutes on what would have previously taken me a half day or even more!"

DCU, Ireland

"This is my first time to use such system for reviewing exam papers. It has made the process very user friendly and painless, both in terms of accessing the papers, providing comments and seeing how the corrections/suggestions have been implemented."

External Examiner
Trinity College Dublin

"Fantastic system, user friendly, saves a lot of time and effort. I would hate to go back to a paper-based system after using Guru!"

Internal Academic
Dublin City University

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To keep track of updates in Guru modules, we have created a standalone blog section! We will use this blog to provide regular updates on new functionality and features.

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